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Philadelphia Cup Regatta 2011

East End Yacht Club had a great showing at this years Philadelphia Cup Regatta. Hosted by the Independence Seaport Museum this was the first time the regatta was held in 16 years. The race course was approximately 19nm starting just South of the Ben Franklin Bridge continuing on South-West to the airport and back. We had 7 boats from EEYC represented in the PHRF A and PHRF B fleets. Congratulations to the winner of PHRF-A fleet Boomerang and the cheers to 4th and 5th place boats Smoke'n and Rag Top. Congratulations to PHRF-B fleet winner Hot Canary who actually beat some of the A fleet boats scratch with a 5 minute later start time. The weather was great for the race and for the after party at the hospitality tent. A great race for everyone indeed. I'm sure all participants are looking forward to next years race.

ISM start/finish Racing
PHRF Division
1USA 12BoomerangSantana 525Edward Rodier - EEYC192.001/Oct/11 - 13:43:030:03:03:030:02:02:1513
2USA 40965Heaven Can WaitBeneteau First 305Uwe Mewes174.001/Oct/11 - 13:42:330:03:02:330:02:07:2624
3983420Smok'n BishopOday 322Jon Burnham192.001/Oct/11 - 13:51:590:03:11:590:02:11:1035
4USA 4470Smoke'nImpulse 26Mike Luciani - EEYC144.001/Oct/11 - 13:37:060:02:57:060:02:11:3047
5USA 9Rag TopcatalinaFred Means - EEYC183.001/Oct/11 - 13:53:470:03:13:470:02:15:4958
6USA 67400KnotsMerit 25FRed White171.001/Oct/11 - 13:52:240:03:12:240:02:18:15610
7USA 165SchockingSantana 525John Allen - EEYC192.001/Oct/11 - 14:02:380:03:22:380:02:21:50711
820484The MoonTartan 34CPeter Conn186.001/Oct/11 - 14:01:130:03:21:130:02:22:18812
9USA 4Havana Daydreamin'Sloop Hunter 31Paul Edelkamp - EEYC174.001/Oct/11 - 13:58:530:03:18:530:02:23:46913
10USA 49Gaelic AireLippincottTownsend WentzDNS192.0 1117
1USA 14639hot canaryable pointenDon Hoefle - EEYC210.001/Oct/11 - 13:54:370:03:04:370:01:58:0711
2USA 203ChaossloopJohn Frazier258.001/Oct/11 - 14:11:540:03:21:540:02:00:1222
3USA 456SerenityCAL 25Michael Greene225.001/Oct/11 - 14:12:440:03:22:440:02:11:2936
4USA 9InterludeO'DayCraig Greenwood225.001/Oct/11 - 14:17:330:03:27:330:02:16:1749
5USA 2bookendsFirst 285John Maher - EEYC195.001/Oct/11 - 14:20:590:03:30:590:02:29:13514
6USA 101CinnabarC&C 24Jeffrey FullerDNF240.0 815
7USA 371MinxBristol 27Dorothy FrenchDNF252.0 816